Why was Cancer Research UK selected?

This well established, registered charity has a track record of supporting cancer research.

Can anyone be photographed?

Yes, and anyone interesting in supporting cancer research can participate.   We all have some link to a person with cancer or have had cancer ourselves so everyone can support the fund raising.

What if I want my portrait taken?

Contact info@picture-a-cure.com.   At present, portraits are taken in the London area, until there are participating photographers in other locations.   

Where will my photo be taken?

That will be agreed directly with the photographer.   At present this is largely word of mouth so it will be at a home or studio, particularly if strobes will be used, or an agreed outdoor location.

Can other photographers join the project?

Yes, and a network of photographers willing to donate their time for quality portraiture would increase fund raising.   Please contact info@picture-a-cure.com.

Can printing of pictures be arranged?

Not directly but the host of this website is SmugMug used by commercial photographers.  They have links to good photographic printers but that is not related to the charity project.  I have recently used www.digitalab.uk and been pleased with the printing and framing.    Gallery quality printing can be arranged from Flow (www.flowphotographic.com).

Can I donate to another cancer charity or just Cancer Research UK?

The goal of the project is to fight cancer and there are many good charities, so please donate elsewhere if you wish.   A list of some international charities is here.

Why is a release form used for portraits?

Photographers usually obtain model releases to add clarity that the person agrees to allow the photograph and what uses.     This project puts images on a website  to encourage others to participate and support the ambition to raise money for Cancer Research UK, so a release form is helpful. Form

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